About ruoravaan

Deodorants, scents etc… WHY

I’ve been wanting to start my own business since I was in Grade 11. I was in a marketing elec

tive and planned out a beauty business that resembled Sephora ~ when Sephora did not exist! 

I went on to study at Douglas College, in Vancouver and was lucky enough to meet two very amazing human beings who became my mentors and teachers - Gail Tibbo and Gerard Edwards. They both instilled in me the love of marketing, being creative and believing in me... I also have a father who is a bit of a dreamer and I think I may take after him a bit!

Fear stopped me from jumping in and always thinking I needed to work at a 9-5 job and life was good! I have been lucky but something else kept pulling me in various directions! I fianlyl found yoga and learning from an amazing mentor helped to remind me who I am. I’ve been lucky to work for so many amazing people, many of who I call friends (you know who you are).

I started dabbling in making deodorants for myself in 2013 and started sharing them with my yoga friends & family. I had such positive feedback and finally in October of 2019, I sat infront of my computer bought a domain for a name that only made sense to me... and started my website with the help of my brothers and sisters.

I craft products made with love, a little magic from rose quartz crystals and mantras and quotes to add a dose of positivity into our days!

I hope you enjoy all of what I have to offer and remember that your soul is calling you~ ruoravaan (soul of the soul).

Love, Syma