Plant based roll-on scents

Plant based roll-on scents

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Plant-based roll-on scents. Perfect to take with you to refresh yourself during the day.

Choose from 7 scents! One for each day of the week! Inspirational quotes by rumi and mantras that have helped many to move in the direction of their dreams!

Healthy, not overpowering or irritating to the skin. Our perfume oils are made with fractionated coconut oil, which helps to create a soft scent that is moisturizing, good for you, cruelty-free and vegan. Plant-based and free of parabens, phthalates and petroleum.

Each scent is meant to bring clarity for an area in life that asks for support:

Bountiful - himalayan cedar & smoked musk

Brings the person wearing the scent a sense of stability, sturdiness as well as softness. Ramp up your self-confidence and remove any fear, doubt or anxiety.

Blissful - vanilla & rose

Enchant the person you have been admiring! The mix of vanilla and rose will boost your senses, bring a sense of pleasure and happiness at the same time bringing stability and groundedness - Attracting people with your charisma! ~ Seductive yet still sweet.

Beautiful - frankincense & smoked musk

When you need a little peace, harmony & guidance. Your guides are ALWAYS watching over you. Also helps fine-tune your psychic abilities and becoming one with the universe!

I am grace - lavender & vanilla

Lavender will guide you in becoming crystal clear with your purpose, aligning you with your soul's calling. Creating stillness within, inner peace and balance. Also great for strengthening relationships.

I am light - indian citrus & white tea with a hint of champa

Alter your mood and awaken your senses. Being positive allows you to make the invisible visible. Imagine where your dreams will take you! Strengthens your courage along with heightening your creativity and clearing any negative energy to really support your intentions and manifestations.


I am spirit - rose & cacao

Uplifting, romantic with a hint of play. Open your heart and those euphoric feelings of joy, optimism and playfulness.

I am strength - cypress, lime & neroli

Strengthen yourself from deep within and boost your self-confidence and personal power. Need a little directed guidance? This scent is said to lead you towards fortune and abundance with clarity from a higher source!